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Fruits and vegetables,
your dietary essentials.


The UN General Assembly designated 2021 the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables (IYFV). FAO is the lead agency for celebrating the year in collaboration with other relevant organizations and bodies of the United Nations system.
The IYFV 2021 is a unique opportunity to raise awareness on the important role of fruits and vegetables in human nutrition, food security and health and as well in achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals.

For many, fruits and vegetables remain inaccessible due to their cost; they are often more expensive than unhealthy snacks and junk foods. Yet they are fundamental components to maintaining overall good health. The slogan highlights the importance of fruits and vegetables in contributing to good nutrition. Ensuring that fruits and vegetables are available, accessible and affordable to everyone is fundamental in achieving food security and combatting malnutrition, and everyone has a role to play.  

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Objectives of the IYFV 2021


Basket of Apples


Raising awareness of and directing policy attention to the nutrition and health benefits of fruits and vegetables consumption

Key messages

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  • Harness the goodnessFruits and vegetables have multiple health benefits, including the strengthening of the immune system, that are essential for combating malnutrition in all its forms and overall prevention of non- communicable diseases.

  • Live by it, a diverse diet: Fruits and vegetables should be consumed in adequate amounts daily as part of a diversified and healthy diet.

  • Respect food from farm to tableThe high perishability of fruits and vegetables needs special attention to maintain their quality and safety through appropriate treatment and handling across the supply chain from production to consumption in order to minimize loss and waste.

  • Innovate, cultivate, reduce food loss and wasteInnovation, improved technologies and infrastructure are critical to increase the efficiency and productivity within fruit and vegetable supply chains to reduce loss and waste.

  • Foster sustainability Sustainable and inclusive value chains can help increase production, help to enhance the availability, safety, affordability and equitable access to fruits and vegetables to foster economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

  • Growing prosperity Cultivating fruits and vegetables can contribute to a better quality of life for family farmers and their communities. It generates income, creates livelihoods, improves food security and nutrition, and enhances resilience through sustainably managed local resources and increased agrobiodiversity.

Want to know more?

1. Think.

2. Eat.

To reach a responsible consumption and production Refettorios use fresh fruits and vegetables, considered imperfect and otherwise wasted, as the source of ingredients for their anchor meal program. Promoting health and well-being is one of the main goals of Refettorios. By transforming ingredients that would otherwise be thrown away into healthy and nourishing meals, they advocate for a healthier and more equitable food system. 

Through good stewardship, sourcing standards, upcycling, and food education, the work of the different projects is aimed at highlighting the importance of equitable and sustainable food practices.

How Refettorios go into Action

Slide to see how Chef Rino Duca recovered the overripe fruit donated by the local market and transformed it into a delicious cake for the guest of the Refettorio. 

"Wannabe Tarte Tatin" by Chef Rino Duca 

3. Save.

Action 1 - TAKE ACTION

Explore what tips and tricks you can incorporate into your daily kitchen routine. Read the "Sustainable Tips in the Kitchen: a better future starts at home" in collaboration with 

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Action 2:  Join the Global Movement

Help us achieve SDG's Goal #12.3, commit to an Act of Change and Love for people and the planet and inspire others around you to do the same!

  1. Put your chef's hat on, take inspShare, share, share! Post your creations on social media using the hashtag #CookingIsAnActOfLove and #KitchenMemories  or tagging Food for Soul, invite your friends and loved ones to submit their own recipes and help us spread the love.

  2. Submit your recipe with a picture and the story behind it, tell us why Cooking is an Act of Love for you, and we will share it here for everyone to enjoy it.

  3. Share, share, share! Post your creations on social media using the hashtag #CookingIsAnActOfLove or tagging Food for Soul, invite your friends and loved ones to submit their own recipes and help us spread the love.



Action 3:  Get Involved 

  • Take inspiration from Massimo Bottura's Passatelli in broth or from the many recipes from Bread is Gold and become a more conscious consumer and cook.

  • Become a volunteer 

  • Donate 


Share with us your Kitchen Memories and tell us about your act of love for people and the planet. 

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