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World Environment Day 
(June 2020)


Beans are one of the 50 future foods, according to the list of Future 50 Foods - modelled after the FAO definition of sustainable diets. They are environmental superheroes that can convert nitrogen from the air and fix it into a form that can be readily used by plants. They also offer us a rich source of fibre, protein and B vitamins. They are eaten in many dishes all over the world and have a mild flavour and meat-like texture, making them a sensible swap for meat in stews, soups and sauces.


This World Environment Day, shift your diet to more environmentally friendly foods. Take inspiration from Massimo Bottura's Summer Vegetables and Beans on Bread is Gold and become a more conscious cook by purchasing local products and reducing food waste at home! 

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Giving TuesdayNow!
(April 2020)

Now more than ever, Food for Soul and our partners continue to bring hope and heal the community we serve. This Giving Tuesday, give to our Food for Soul Community Fund and participate in Cooking is an Act of Love. Your contribution will help us scale our impact and strengthen our outreach to those most socially vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic. Every day Refettorio teams are working on the frontline to recover nutritious food surplus, preparing and delivering food to those experiencing poverty, hunger, homelessness and isolation. Take Action to leave no one behind.

Take inspiration from what the Refettorios cook for their guests and submit your own creations, we will re-share them here for everyone to enjoy!

Earth Day 
(March 2020)


This Earth Day, join us by taking action to reduce food waste at home and participate in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.


Go green and gift a virtual Pasta al Pesto to our Refettorios and Social Tables around the world! Massimo Bottura’s Mint and Breadcrumb Pesto is all about recovering ingredients and cooking out of your fridge while giving back to our Food for Soul community. The result is a green recipe (quite literally!) that is good for both people and the planet. Take inspiration from Massimo Bottura's recipe of Pasta al Pesto and make your own with what you have at home!

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