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Carbonara: a timeless act of caring

For 2021 Carbonara Day, Barilla and Food for Soul celebrate the timeless power of the most famous pasta recipe, the Carbonara, to bring people together.

Barilla shows us how simple gestures of love surprisingly have the biggest impact on emotional closeness, in a world where it's hard to relate to others. To demonstrate how Cooking is an Act of Love, Barilla will donate in 2021 1 million pasta dishes to Food for Soul's Refettorios, which are distributed all around the world. 

This #Carebonara Day help us demonstrate that food could be a symbol of community and hope that we can use to take care of each other and the Planet. 

Discover the origins of the recipe


Do you know how Carbonara was born?

The most accredited origin story of Carbonara is set in the 1940s, when a chef mixed the Italian pasta tradition with the ingredients available to the Allied troops.


By the 1950s the recipe is found in plenty of recipe books and restaurant menus, starting a global phenomenon that still lives on today. 

A short film directed by Xavier Mairesse, dedicated to the origin of the most loved and discussed pasta recipe in the world, born thanks to the union of different cultures and today still able to take care of people.

CareBonara | The Origins of Carbonara

Legend has it that this recipe was born unifying different cultures and as an act of caring for one another, when a young American soldier and an Italian chef produced the idea of mixing the American bacon and the Italian eggs and pasta in order to feed the troops, so creating the most loved pasta dish ever...

What #Carebonara means to Food for Soul 


“During the grand opening of Refettorio Gastromotiva in Rio de Janeiro, we were facing challenges: water, electricity and gas. To say the least, spirits were low. It seemed impossible to be able to cook anything for our guests that evening.


I was reminded of the commitment I had made to those in need and most importantly, our motto: " NO MORE EXCUSES". With that in mind, I was able to imagine the pile of banana peels in front of me with new eyes. With a bit of creativity, culture, knowledge and a dash of folly, we were able to create an amazing banana peel carbonara pasta.


We diced and smoked the banana peels until they tasted like bacon, added Parmigiano cheese we had brought in our suitcases, and were given some Barilla pasta from “Casa Italia”, the Italian Olympic house, to create an unexpected and amazing meal. What I learned from that experience is that a recipe can be an act of solidarity." 


Massimo Bottura


'Carbonara' with banana peels

Scroll through the photos, read more about Massimo's special carbonara, download the recipe of  "Carbonara with banana peels" and help us  demonstrate that "THERE ARE NO MORE EXCUSES."

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"It was the day of the opening in Rio de Janeiro and the Refettorio Gastromotiva was without water, electricity and gas. What really changed in that moment was our spirit, is when I understood that

there were no more excuses

To me "No more excuses" in that moment was risking everything. The only thing we could do was to act, because food right now is a call to act. Cooking is an act of love but also a call to act. 

'Carbonara' from Refettorios around the world

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