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Francescana Hospitality Family

In 1995, Massimo Bottura opened Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy. Since then the family has grown to welcome many more realities and it's now a multicoloured ensamble of experiences, perspectives and dreams. In this page you will find recipes and stories from our Osteria Francescana Family (Osteria Francescana, Franceschetta58, Torno Subito, Gucci Osteria, Casa Maria Luigia, Food for Soul...) showing that food holds the greatest power for social change. The simple gesture of preparing a nourishing meal and share it with those around us in a place of grace and dignity, speaks to the soul and empowers transformation.


Food for Soul
Zero Waste Clafoutis

Need a fancy dessert that is also zero-waste? Using overripe fruits with some sugar, milk, and flour, a beautiful fruit clafoutis can be prepared in a solar oven in time for dessert!

Passatelli 1.jpg

Massimo Passatelli in broth 

“One of my favorite recipes made with leftover ingredients is Passatelli, one that anyone can easily replicate at home. It comes from Cucina Povera, the tradition of making great food with simple and available ingredients without wasting anything."

Massimo Bottura

Pappa al Pomodoro.jpg

Bernardo’s Pappa al Pomodoro

Chef Bernardo Paladini would like to remind us of the beauty and potential of simple ingredients - like bread - helping us to reflect on our role in creating a more generous and sustainable world.


Taka’s Japanese broth

Welcoming guests with a bowl of hot broth is an important part of Japanese culture: it opens the stomach but also the heart. To celebrate his heritage as well as the place he now calls home - Japan and Italy respectively - Taka shares some of his secrets and a Call to Action for anyone to join.

IMG_0251-e1578037218954-1707x1280 (1).jp

Francesco’s Pasta e Fagioli

By revisiting one of the most popular dishes of cucina povera, Italian head-to-tail culinary tradition, chef Francesco Vincenzi and Pastificio Agricolo Mancini show that cutting down food waste is possible, while also improving the well-being of the planet and our communities.

Schermata 2021-04-04 alle 08.31.34.png

Massimo Bottura Sbrisolona with Marsala Zabaglione

"One of the treats from my childhood is a sweet and savory almond cookie called sbrisolona, originally from Mantova, that my mother made often."


Kitchen Quarantine

The first night of quarantine in Italy, Chef Massimo Bottura decided to cook something for his family with what they had available at home. Since then, Massimo and his family have been gathering in their kitchen every night. The result is a funny way to share ideas, enjoy each other’s company and teach people good practices in the kitchen such as cleaning out the refrigerator to limit food waste, use the leftovers from the night before to cook something new and eat a variety of foods.


7×7 = 49, Davide’s magic formula

Seven types of seven different ingredients, this is Davide’s secret recipe for cooking Le Virtù, a traditional Abruzzese dish that makes us reflect on how, sometimes, the simplest solution is also the most concrete.


Massimo’s Panettone Soufflé

This Christmas, to celebrate the warmth of traditions and the beauty of human connections, our Founder and Chef Massimo Bottura shares why Cooking is an Act of Love...


Lara and Charlie’s tortellini with boiled meat filling

As the holidays are coming to an end, we have saved a special recipe for last, one that perfectly sums up the message of our campaign ‘Cooking is an Act of Love’. Our President Lara Gilmore tells us about it as she makes tortellini with her son Charlie.


Francesco Vincenzi Bread Chocolate cake

This delicious cake can be prepared with leftover ingredients in your pantry - such as old bread or crumbled biscuits at the bottom of the bag. Variations can be made depending on what is available in your kitchen

The most important ingredient?

To have fun baking it together!

Marinated Peaches

Check out more of our stories link below

Gucci Garden refresh3221.jpg

Karime’s Pollock

Today, Karime tells us about Pollock - a colorful (and delicious) recipe that speaks about the power of beauty and art to transform traditional ingredients into an incredible dish.


Food for Soul’s Christmas Bread

t doesn’t matter what ingredients we have available: sometimes the most diverse ones, if combined with love, can result in something beautiful and unexpected. This is the philosophy behind one of the most traditional Christmas recipes in Modena, home to the Food for Soul team.

Card WED.jpg

Summer vegetables and beans

Purchase local products and reduce food waste at home - take inspiration from Massimo's recipe and become a more conscious consumer and cook.

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