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"Where people see leftovers
we see potential ."

Take a moment to pause and reflect...

"There are 7,5 billion people on the planet Earth.

We produce food for 12 billion.

We use energy, water, and human capital

And then what do we do?

We burn or throw away the excess.

33 % of the food production.

While one billion people around the world are food insecure.

If each of us modifies our daily food habits:

How we shop, How we cook, and How we EAT

Buy local, Buy seasonal, and Buy just what you need!

WE will eat better and we will help the world."

Massimo Bottura, Why Waste?

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As part of Chefs Network Food for Soul and Fine Dining Lovers is proud to present #WhyWaste, a new interactive series of episodes that provide suggestions and tips on how to avoid waste in the home kitchen, helping people learn new techniques and recipes that can turn them into real changemakers. 

Through education on storage and inspiration with recipes, the series aims to raise awareness of the UN goal of halving global food waste by 2030. Our Founder Massimo Bottura calls everyone to act by applying the zero-waste solutions proposed by his team on a daily basis and sharing their recipes using the hashtag #WhyWaste.  

“One billion tons of food is wasted every year and where we waste the most is in our home, that is why we want to show you how to avoid food waste. When you see leftovers, we, chefs, see the potential to create something special: our goal in this campaign is to show you how to store food properly and create amazing recipes for you and your family.” 

Massimo Bottura

Chef Massimo Bottura opened the doors of his kitchen at Casa Maria Luigia and together with his Hospitality Team welcomed everyone to look at food through different eyes. Supporting the project Jessica Rosval (Casa Maria Luigia), Karime Lopez (Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura), Takahiko Kondo (Osteria Francescana) and Francesco Vincenzi (Franceschetta58) - each of them has provided their contribution with experience and creativity to think of innovative solutions to reduce food waste at home. 

Four videos,
Four exceptional chefs,
many creative tips.

But only ONE goal. 

Let's call for


Episode 1: Meat and Fish
Featuring Chef Jessica Rosval from Casa Maria Luigia

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"The moment we think there's nothing more to learn or do, that's the moment you realize you have to quit this business. There's so much potential in expressing through food that a lifetime is not enough. That's the huge lesson that Massimo teaches us every day."

Jessica Rosval

Episode 2: Vegetables and Herbs
Featuring Chef Karime Lopez from Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura

Copy of #whywaste (1).png

“Remember to use all the leftovers you have in your fridge. There are no rules, the most important thing is to question every day: Why waste?”

Karime Lopez

Episode 3: Bread, Pasta and Rice
Featuring Chef Francesco Vincenzi from Franceschetta58

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"As an Emilian, pasta plays an important role, as does rice. The idea that a grain, when cooked, can absorb so many flavors to the point of becoming a concentrate has always fascinated me."

Francesco Vincenzi

Episode 4: Dairy
Featuring Chef Takahiko Kondo from Osteria Francescana

Copy of #whywaste (3).png

“Like Massimo, I believe that cooking is a language able to drive emotions. When I eat something that I really like I feel excited, I’m happy. That’s why I love cooking: I want people to get excited, to make them happy.”

Takahiko Kondo

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