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Sustainability Education &
Culinary Programs

You can play a role in building inclusive communities where all are needed. With the mission of empowering folks experiences major barriers to employment to grow and cook food to sustain themself and their communities, we invite you to take part in our Sustainability Education & Culinary Programs. 



The mastery of every Chef is rooted in sharing knowledge, honing skills and looking for innovative ways to highlight the quality and beauty in every ingredient - including respecting our foods through sustainable practices. 

Take part in culinary workshops, programs and training certifications created by experts, academia and trusted artisans to enhance your talent.


With the support of recognized volunteer ambassador chefs and academic partnerships, Refettorios program framework will host stage programs, vocational training programs for young generations of next chefs and those individuals vulnerable to engage in experiential learning to try out their gastronomic ideas as a business incubator in a social enterprise environment.

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