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Share your voice, 
submit your recipe.

Do you have a favorite kitchen memory, recipe, culinary tip or technique to inspire Zero Waste and reduces our environmental impact?

Help us achieve SDG's Goal #12.3, commit to an Act of Change and Love for people and the planet and inspire others around you to do the same!

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In partnership with the UNEP, we stand in support of all 17 UN SDG with a special highlight on SDG12: Responsible Consumption and Production.   


Share your ideas and support us to take action for SDG 12! 


To raise awareness around issues affecting our food system and to take action to save food from waste, we will be looking for your inspiring Kitchen Memories to share that can help get others to take action and make better choices for our environment and food system.

Take inspiration from our recipes, follow the tips from our chefs and share your kitchen memories with us! 

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