Refettorio Family


Refettorio Modena

Autumn Lasagna with vegetable scraps and Parmigiano Reggiano rinds ragù

It's a delicious vegetarian recipe that can be made all year long with different vegetables in season and lots of creativity.

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Refettorio Harlem

Herb Vinaigrette

"This is a great recipe to use up any herbs you might have lying around. You can use any herbs you want to use up here such as basil, rosemary, thyme, parsley, mint, tarragon or chives."

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Refettorio Made in Cloister

Pasta alla carboCarbonara linguini with peas and cuttlefish quinto quarto'

This version of Carbonara becomes unique with the addition of a few special ingredients and the use of a pasta shape that represents Naples: linguini."

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Refettorio Felix

Carbonara with brussels sprousts, peas, lemon & terragon

for #CarbonaraDay Chef Cleo Melvin, from Refettorio Felix, shared her special version of 'Spring CareBonara'.


Refettorio Paris

Parmentier de viande 

"A recipe that I often make at the refettorio because it allows you to mix several leftover meat (pork, poultry, beef, duck ...). 

The recipe can be adapted with other vegetables (butternut, pumpkin, carrot, turnip, Jerusalem artichoke ...) and as with the meat, you can mix several vegetables."


Refettorio Felix

Clio's Sardines and tomato pasta

“Tinned sardines are an ingredient that most people have in their cupboards- very nutritious & economical. The sauce uses few ingredients & takes a couple of minutes to make, perfect for when you’re short of time”

Clio, Chef at Refettorio Felix

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Refettorio Paris

Solene’s Crab with crunchy vegetables and Corsican lemon bisque

According to their guests, food at Refettorio Paris is “art on a plate”. The two talented chefs who work in the kitchen of La Madeleine have indeed a way of turning surplus food into delicious works of art, which restore people’s bodies and souls.


Refettorio Made in Cloister

Sabrina's meatballs with tomato sauce

At Refettorio Made in Cloister in Naples, the value of hospitality comes in many forms and sometimes even in the shape of delicious meatballs that the project delivers to people and families in need from the community.

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Refettorio Harlem

No Waste Sofrito

Sofrito, popular in the culinary traditions of the Carribean and Latinx communities, makes a great flavoring base for beans, rice, soups and stews.

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Refettorio Harlem

Cilantro Stem Chimchurri

By Refettorio Harlem’s Culinary Manager Elizabeth.

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Refettorio Antoniano

Pasta alla carbonara

This traditional 'pasta alla carbonara' recipe comes from Pasquale, chef of Refettorio Antoniano, who prepares delicious and nutritious pasta dishes for families with children in Bologna.

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Refettorio Harlem

Herb-roasted chicken

Chef Maryam, from Hot Bread Kitchen Chef Collective, shared a recipe that speaks about her origins and reminds her of when she used to cook it with her mom.

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Refettorio Made in Cloister

"Minestra maritata" and potato peels

"The recipes of the Neapolitan tradition are able to make you feel at home, and it is an extraordinary feeling."

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Refettorio Gastromotiva

Rodrigo’s Ravioli with sweet banana peel filling

Rodrigo Sardinha, one of the chefs at Refettorio Gastromotiva, shows us a creative way to give value to one of the most wasted ingredients in Brazil: banana peels.


Refettorio Ghirlandina

Andrea’s Spring vegetable risotto

Wonky zucchini, overripe cauliflowers and wrinkled peppers are the unsuspecting ingredients of this colourful risotto prepared by Andrea, the young assistant chef at Refettorio Ghirlandina in Modena. In-season vegetables that would have otherwise been wasted, were turned into a creamy risotto for the guests of the project.

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Refettorio Ambrosiano

Massimo's Bread is Gold

Realized during one of the first services at Refettorio Ambrosiano, Bread is Gold is much more than a recipe, it’s an ode to undervalued ingredients. It’s Food for Soul’s starting point, what we think of when we are asked why Cooking is An Act of Love. 

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Refettorio Harlem

Vegetable Kurma

By Refettorio Harlem’s Culinary Manager Elizabeth.

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Refettorio Harlem

Spring CAREbonara

"Sharing our favorite recipe inspired by Spring created by Refettorio Harlem’s Culinary Manager Elizabeth."


Refettorio Mérida

Yucatecan Carbonara

"This Yucatecan version of the traditional Carbonara incorporates two typical Mexican ingredients: Chaya and recado negro."


Refettorio Antoniano


Every Monday night, the careful hands of Johnny prepare freshly-baked bread for guests and volunteers, inviting them to sit together around the same table.


Refettorio Mérida

Refettorio Mérida Yucatecan fried pumpkin

"Fried pumpkin is a dish that is part of the traditional options of every Yucatecan mother, the taste, smell and texture emanate the memory of the mothers and the whole family sharing a meal together."

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Refettorio Antoniano

Johnny’s Turmeric bread

Refettorio Antoniano is a special place for the many families with children who enjoy the Monday evening service. Thanks to them, the space has become a welcoming shelter not only for the body, but for the soul.

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Refettorio Felix 

Cleo’s Raw Peanut Chocolate Slice

Do you ever crave a sweet but healthy snack? Then this recipe is going to be perfect for you! Follow Cleo’s steps to make the perfect Raw Peanut Chocolate Slice, a delicious dessert that the Head Chef of Refettorio Felix prepared for the guests using only surplus ingredients.