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For people and the planet

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for People and the Planet

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Today, 1.3 billion tons, about 1/3 of food produced, gets lost or wasted, while globally over 800 million people are hungry, don’t have access to fresh food, a home to cook or a table to enjoy a meal. At the same time, social isolation is an increasing public health threat. Not having access to healthy food creates inequalities and social vulnerability, it’s so much more than just about the waste of resources. To make a cultural revolution we should learn to see and appreciate the value of food.

Only by doing that, we will stop wasting it. 


At Food for Soul, we believe that Cooking is an Act of Love, for People and Planet. This Call to Act brings us all together, because our greatest potential lies in joining forces. 


Follow the steps above and use this website as your very own cookbook. Check out our recipes, let the stories behind them inspire you, cook with what you have at home, and share them with us!


"Where people see leftovers
we see potential ."

Our latest recipes and stories


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Kids get cooking

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Join the Global Movement

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to create a healthy sustainable food system and social wellbeing for all. Share your inspiration and be part of our communities for social change!


Take Community Action and contribute to the Food for Soul cause.  Every contribution supports our development of cultural projects around the world, ensuring no food or person is left behind.  To date we have helped recover over 123 tonnes of food, 274,000 pounds and over 450,000 meals.  Your gift is an act of solidarity towards a healthier people and planet.


Dig in, by making "better for you and planet" choices at the market, how you repurpose leftovers or get creative with imperfect ingredients  - Get inspired by recipes from our partners and friends around the world - or share your culinary magic.


Tell us what "Cooking is An Act of Love, for people and planet" means to you?  Together, we can reach our global environmental, social and economic goals for a more inclusive, resilient and equitable future.  Use your Voice


Share, share, share! Post your creations on social media using the hashtag #CookingIsAnActOfLove or tagging Food for Soul, invite your friends and loved ones to submit their own recipes and help us spread the love.

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